M4T007. Hanna Hais - Mon Soleil

by Hanna Hais

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released May 6, 2014

Muzik 4 Tomorrow
M4T007 – Hanna Hais – Mon Soleil
Release Date: December 4th 2012
Hanna Hais – Mon Soleil (Original Mix & Nintendo Dub)
Produced & Arranged By Mr. V.
All Vocals Written & Performed by Hanna Hais.
Original Mixes Mixed & Mastered by: Mr. V @ SOLE channel Studios, NYC USA.
Fontastic Sounds [ASCAP]
Published by Atal Music

Hanna Hais – Mon Soleil (Kenny Zarro Remix)
Vocals Performed & Written by Hanna Hais
Remix Produced & Arranged By Kenny Zarro
Keyboards, Drums & Bass By Kenny Zarro
Mixed By Kenny Zarro
Mastered by Mr. V @ SOLE channel Studios, NYC USA.

Hanna Hais – Mon Soleil (Smoke In The City Remix)
Remix Produced & Arranged by Smoke In The City (FukiFlex & Dj Steaw)
Drums & Bass By Smoke In The City (FukiFlex & Dj Steaw)
Vocals Performed & Written by Hanna Hais
Additional Lead By DamDam Deep
Additional Rhodes By Jocelyn Mathieu
Mastered By Smoke In The City @ SmokinLab (Paris, France)
Special Shouts:
To all the people who trust in us and believe in us, Our Families, Mr. V & The SOLE channel Music crew, Hanna Hais, Jocelyn Mathieu, DamDam Deep, The JusDance Team (Orel1, John Sill, Blaise), Rocco, Chris Thomas, Greg Gauthier, Franck Roger, Lionel, Manoo, Bibo & Phil, Alex Finkin & Reverend P., Yass & Seb, Rork & Tam, Olivier V, Hallex M., Dj Mac D, Jean T., G. Wangounet, Juliette Lyanh, Saboo Little Star, 2lastef, Pierre Sirduke, Bertrand & Clarisse, Gauthier, Lolo Dj Tal & To all the underground French House Scene, To all our friends, you know who you are, Mr. Phan Hien Quan (RIP), Bui Cinderella (RIP) and all the ladies in the world!.
Bouges Tes Fesses Baby!!.

solechannelevents@yahoo.com c/o Synthia Rosenburg.
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